Routing & Switching technologies provide the core networking services and functions required by enterprises to interconnect local and remote users to the core data and applications. This includes traffic routing and switching throughout the company locations and across the internet.

Also, EXPERIT as a Service Provider use high end routing and switching technologies to provide rich, managed and integrated services to their customers.

At EXPERIT, we have extensive knowledge with the following Routing & Switching products and technologies:

  • Fixed configuration LAN switches typically positioned in the access layer.
  • Modular switches typically positioned in the distribution or the core layers.
  • Integrated services routing platforms acting as gateway for small and medium branches.
  • Service aggregation routing platforms which are typically acting as WAN aggregators for Head Offices.
  • Unicast and multicast traffic routing.
  • End-to-end quality of services deployment.
  • High end routing systems.
  • Carrier-class traffic routing technologies.